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Passion and confidence

Let me tell you about a guy who has a hemp farm. His name is Ross Duffield.

He is a unique individual in the hemp industry. His calm, straightforward demeanor, honest outpouring of humility, and his willingness to share his knowledge and business goals set him apart in this industry.

I‘m a writer in the CBD/Hemp/MJ space. I meet all types of people in this industry.

These are some of the most creative and intelligent people on the planet, and their passion, knowledge, and willingness to share information about this amazing plant is inspiring.

But of all the people I have met, this one man seems uniquely transparent and confident in his product.

Maybe it comes from the simple, clean packaging of his hemp-based products or his willingness to share his family’s story, or perhaps it’s just his passion for farming and multi-generational care of his farm’s plants, animals, and land.

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Why CBG is considered the mother of all cannabinoids

I met Ross on the U.S. Hemp Professionals Facebook group. I found out his farm Bonnie Blue Farms, offered many different CBD/CBG products.

Most people have heard of CBD, but another nonpsychoactive compound found in cannabis plants is CBG.

Why is CBG is considered the mother of all cannabinoids?

Both CBD and CBG interact with the same receptors in your body.

The properties of CBD have been known for many years, but only recently has CBG been studied for its therapeutic effects.

I was curious to learn more, so I reached out to him to get more information.

Ross was a wealth of knowledge and guidance in teaching me about CBG.

He told me CBG is the direct precursor to THC and CBD. And has tremendous therapeutical potential.

It’s a more powerful painkiller than THC and may be effective in treating some types of depression.

He offered me a sample. The sample came as a nicely packaged 30ML bottle with a couple of business cards and an incredibly written brochure.

I immediately opened the tincture bottle and took a dropper full of the most delicious and fast-acting CBG oil I have ever tasted. Immediately the pain in my shoulder went away.

Picture of farmer Ross Duffield
Ross Duffield

Fourth-generation farmer

Ross and his family live in Bucks County Pennsylvania, he is a fourth-generation farmer and has long-tenured expertise and education for growing crops and livestock.

After the birth of his daughter Bonnie in 2016, Ross founded Bonnie Blue Farms as a vegetable and grass-fed lamb operation and added hemp production and farming consultation to his list of services.

Bonnie Blue Farm partners with Duff Mountain Farms to provide a Pennsylvania-grown, full-spectrum hemp extract.

He prides Bonnie Blue Farms on the fact that their hemp is grown locally using organic growing principles and is brought to its customers by a small family-run operation.

“Making a piece of land work for a farmer is what leads to a successful farming enterprise,” — says Ross. By having generational experience as a farmer, Ross can work the land and rotate crops and livestock through sound farming practices.

This care and quality management shows in their CBG tincture.

The applications of industrial hemp are also on the radar for Bonnie Blue Farms.

Industrial hemp has not been produced domestically for nearly a century, but its legal return to America soon will be a major economic driver for the United States, and Ross will be there when the market is right.

Busy farmers market photo
Photo by Dane Deaner

Support Local

According to a Yelp report, as of mid-July 2020, over 70000 businesses or 55% of the 132,500 pandemic era closures on Yelp are now permanent.

Local business owners are our neighbors and friends. They know their customers by name. They provide employment and bring growth and innovation to our communities.

I am not affiliated with Bonnie Blue Farms. I didn’t receive any compensation for this article. I want to show those good guys in the hemp industry care for their land and communities.

Please click the link to the right and shop Bonnie Blue Farms at:



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