Should seniors use hemp oil extract?

Why it’s good for us older folks

The older you get, the more pain and discomfort you have; that’s a fact. Every day you’re amazed how your body keeps taking a beating, but you keep going. You’ve made it on this planet for many years, and now you’re rewarded with sore feet, backs, hands, arms, legs, head, and more.

You’re probably pumped full of medications too. Doctors love to prescribe the latest medicine sold to them by clever pharmaceutical sales agents to treat your particular ailment.

This ever-growing list of medicines prescribed to you is expensive, and you wonder if they even work?

Like many, you have begun to hear about CBD. You’ve become somewhat informed about CBD, but there is still tons of conflicting information about this chemical compound. All you know is you want to feel better!

Studies continue to roll in about the potential benefits for seniors who take a daily full-spectrum CBD or more accurate Whole Plant Hemp Oil Extract. One such example of seniors using CBD would be for pain management.

An estimated 50 million American adults 920.4%) experience chronic pain, with persons aged 65 years and older constituted 61.2% of those affected.

Full-spectrum CBD also has been shown in studies to help with sleep, and getting a night of deep, restful sleep is so important for seniors.

When seniors take a daily regime of Full-spectrum whole-plant hemp extract, their bodies absorb and enjoy what’s called the entourage effect.

The entourage effect is used to describe the enhanced effects of multiple beneficial cannabinoids, including CBD, that work synergistically rather than alone.

It’s legal

Finally! We can all move on from the days of hemp prohibition. Hemp and all of its uses became legal with the 2018 farm bill act.

And the uses of the hemp plant are too numerous to mention. Thankfully our nation is moving away from the misinformation and false war on this non-psychoactive chemical compound that gives so much relief.

We have been lied to about the beneficial use of CBD for years for what reason? Because CBD is a cousin of THC, the psychoactive compound that gets you high when smoking marijuana.

Again, CBD does not get you high!

The cost

Compared to pharmaceutical drugs full -spectrum CBD saves the average patient many dollars per year in prescription medicine costs.

Data research from Brightfield Group conducted an in-depth survey of over 2,400 patients who compared CBD to prescription medicines.

When asked about the effectiveness of CBD compared to prescription drugs, approximately 60% of respondents said that CBD was more effective than prescription medicines they had been prescribed.

Another 75% of respondents said CBD was more effective than over-the-counter remedies.

It is widely known that seniors in the united states pay more for medication than any other nation in the world. Americans spend $1200 per year on prescription medication, often many more.

Unfortunately, CBD isn’t currently covered under any insurance plans -But the overall health benefits of using CBD versus paying for multiple prescription medicines can save you money in the long run.

For example, let’s look at the medicine Celebrex compared to a CBD brand.

On average, a 30 day supply of Celebrex can often cost anywhere between $203 to $241, depending on your provider and insurance. That’s approximately $2436 per year!

By contrast, a 30 day supply of Primo Gardens CBD Tincture Natural Blend (1000 mg) costs $44.95. An entire year’s supply would cost roughly $540. The difference in price for a year’s supply of CBD tincture vs. a year’s supply of Celebrex is approximately $1896!

If you want to start feeling better and have more vitality than ever before, try out some full-spectrum CBD oil for your self and soon, you’ll start seeing those benefits.

Always consult with your health care provider before starting your CBD regime.

I’ve attached a link to buy some of the finest CBD on the market, and yes, I get a small commission if you buy through the link.

You can access it by clicking below.

Thanks for reading

Tracy McGuire

P.S. Send me an email or reply if you have any questions about my writings or CBD use in general.



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